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Books : reviews

Leandro Nunes de Castro, Jonathan Timmis.
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Springer. 2002

(read but not reviewed)

Leandro Nunes de Castro, Fernando J. Von Zuben, eds.
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From biologically inspired computing to natural computing. 2005
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James Kennedy. Particle swarms: optimization based on sociocognition. 2005
Angelo Loula, Ricardo Gudwin, Sidarta Ribeiro, Ivan de Araujo, Joao Queiroz. Synthetic approach to semiotic artificial creatures. 2005
Jean-Phillipe Rennard. Perspectives for strong artificial life. 2005
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Leandro Nunes de Castro.
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Chapman & Hall/CRC. 2006

(read but not reviewed)

Leandro Nunes de Castro, Fernando J. Von Zuben, Helder Knidel.
ICARIS 2007: 6th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, Santos, Brazil.
Springer. 2007

(read but not reviewed)