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Books : reviews

Robert C. Martin, Dirk Riehle, Frank Buschmann, eds.
Pattern Languages of Program Design 3.
Addison Wesley. 1998

The patterns presented are grouped into: • General Purpose Design Patterns • Variations on Design Patterns • Architectural Patterns • Distribution Patterns • Persistence Patterns • User Interface Patterns • Programming Patterns • Domain-Specific Patterns • Process Patterns • Patterns on Patterns


Bobby Woolf. Null Object. 1998
Peter Sommerlad. Manager. 1998
Dirk Baumer, Dirk Riehle. Product Trader. 1998
Ralph E. Johnson, Bobby Woolf. Type Object. 1998
Eugene Wallingford. Sponsor-Selector. 1998
Erich Gamma. Extension Object. 1998
Robert C. Martin. Acyclic Visitor. 1998
Martin E. Nordberg III. Default and Extrinsic Visitor. 1998
Paul Dyson, Bruce Anderson. State Patterns. 1998
Bran Selic. Recursive Control. 1998
Dirk Riehle. Bureaucracy. 1998
Douglas C. Schmidt. Acceptor and Connector. 1998
Fernando Das Neves, Alejandra Garrido. Bodyguard. 1998
Irfan Pyarali, Tim Harrison, Douglas C. Schmidt. Asynchronous Completion Token. 1998
Antonio Rito Silva, Joao Dias Pereira, Jose Alves Marques. Object Recovery. 1998
Neil B. Harrison. Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages. 1998
Dirk Riehle, Wolf Siberski, Dirk Baumer, Daniel Megert, Heinz Zullighoven. Serializer. 1998
Wolfgang Keller, Jens Coldewey. Accessing Relational Databases. 1998
Mark Bradac, Becky Fletcher. A Pattern Language for Developing Form Style Windows. 1998
Douglas C. Schmidt, Tim Harrison. Double-Checked Locking. 1998
Chris Cleeland, Douglas C. Schmidt, Tim Harrison. External Polymorphism. 1998
Lorraine L. Boyd. Business Patterns of Association Objects. 1998
Liping Zhao, Ted Foster. A Pattern Language of Transport Systems (Point and Route). 1998
Peter Molin, Lennart Ohlsson. The Points and Deviations Pattern Language of Fire Alarm Systems. 1998
Brian Foote, Joseph Yoder. The Selfish Class. 1998
Don Roberts, Ralph E. Johnson. Patterns for Evolving Frameworks. 1998
Charles Weir. Patterns for Designing in Teams. 1998
David E. DeLano, Linda Rising. Patterns for System Testing. 1998
Gerard Meszaros, Jim Doble. A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing. 1998