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Books : reviews

Neil B. Harrison, Brian Foote, Hans Rohnert, eds.
Pattern Languages of Program Design 4.
Addison Wesley. 2000

The patterns presented are grouped into: • Basic Object-Oriented Patterns • Object-Oriented Infrastructure Patterns • Programming Strategies • Time • Security • Domain-Oriented Patterns • Patterns of Human-Computer Interaction • Reviewing • Managing Software


Bobby Woolf. Abstract Class. 2000
Dirk Baumer, Dirk Riehle, Wolf Siberski, Martina Wulf. Role Object. 2000
Andy Carlson. Essence. 2000
Bobby Woolf. Object Recursion. 2000
James Noble. Prototype-Based Object System. 2000
James Noble. Basic Relationship Patterns. 2000
Nat Pryce. Abstract Session: An Object Structured Pattern. 2000
Antonio Rito Silva, Joao Dias Pereira, Jose Alves Marques. Object Synchronizer. 2000
Irfan Pyarali, Tim Harrison, Douglas C. Schmidt, Thomas D. Jordan. Proactor. 2000
James O. Coplien. C++ Idioms. 2000
Jim Doble, Ken Auer. Smalltalk Scaffolding Patterns. 2000
James Noble, Charles Weir. High-Level and Process Patterns from the Memory Preservation Society: Patterns for Managing Limited Memory. 2000
Andy Carlson, Sharon Estepp, Martin Fowler. Temporal Patterns. 2000
Francis Anderson. A Collection of History Patterns. 2000
Joseph Yoder, Jeffrey Barcalow. Architectural Patterns for Enabling Application Security. 2000
Alexandre Braga, Cecilia Rubira, Ricardo Dahab. Tropyc: A Pattern Language for Cryptographic Object-Oriented Software. 2000
John Brant, Joseph Yoder. Creating Reports with Query Objects. 2000
Dragos-Anton Manolescu. Feature Extraction: A Pattern for Information Retrieval. 2000
Sherif M. Yacoub, Hany H. Ammar. Finite State Machine Patterns. 2000
Gustavo Rossi, Daniel Schwabe, Fernando Lyardet. Patterns for Designing Navigable Information Spaces. 2000
Jacob L. Cybulski, Tanya Linden. Composing Multimedia Artifacts for Reuse. 2000
Dwayne Towell. Display Maintenance: A Pattern Language. 2000
Robert Hanmer, Greg Stymfal. An Input and Output Pattern Language: Lessons from Telecommunications. 2000
Oscar Nierstrasz. Identify the Champion: An Organizational Pattern Language for Program Committees. 2000
James O. Coplien, Bobby Woolf. A Pattern Language for Writers' Workshops. 2000
Linda Rising. Customer Interaction Patterns. 2000
Paul Taylor. Capable, Productive, and Satisfied: Some Organizational Patterns for Protecting Productive People. 2000
Mike Beedle, Martine Devos, Yonat Sharon, Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland. SCRUM: A Pattern Language for Hyperproductive Software Development. 2000
Brian Foote, Joseph Yoder. Big Ball of Mud. 2000