Dr. Tom Hartley

Tom Hartley  
Dept. of Psychology,
University of York,
YO10 5DD,


+44 (0)1904 322903

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Phonological Memory Research
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I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of York.



Specific Topics

My research covers various aspects of cognition and neuroscience including:


The specific topics above are connected by a more general interest in the nature of neural representations and in the way they are organized in the human brain:


This research involves developing computational models and psychological experiments for investigating these aspects of cognition. Experimental methods also include functional neuroimaging and the use of virtual reality (for presentation of large-scale environments, spatial memory and navigation).

Potential Graduate Students

I would be very interested to hear from potential graduate students wishing to pursue projects in the areas outlined above. Further information.


I am a member and former Course Director of the York MSc Cognitive Neuroscience team. The programme provides students with hands-on experience of neuroimaging methods including MEG and fMRI. I contribute to the teaching on Basic Principles in Neuroimaging, and Research Design & Analysis in Neuroimaging modules. I am also a member of the Brain & Behaviour strand's teaching team for our BSc Psychology degree and MPsych. I teach a block of second year lectures on "Principles of Neural Representation" and I deliver our second year strand practical on "Association between structural MRI measures and topographical memory".

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