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Spin-photonics Spin photonics

Spin-currents Spin-polarised currents

Magnetoresistance Magnetoresistance

Half-metals Half-metals

Domain structures Domain structures

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous



1. Characterization and Processing of Complex Materials Miscellaneous "Characterization and Processing of Complex Materials" A. Otsuki (Ed.) (MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, 2023).

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2. Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering MagnetoresistanceHalf-metals A. Hirohata,
"Tunneling Magnetoresistance"
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3. Advances in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics Spin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsDomain structures "Advances in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics" A. Hirohata (Ed.) (MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, 2022).

Half-metals A. Hirohata,
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