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Spin-photonics Spin photonics

Spin-currents Spin-polarised currents

Magnetoresistance Magnetoresistance

Half-metals Half-metals

Domain structures Domain structures

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Publications in 2015

  1. Half-metals Z. Nedelkoski, P. J. Hasnip, A. M. Sanchez, B. Kuerbanjiang, E. Higgins, M. Oogane, A. Hirohata, G. R. Bell and V. K. Lazarov,
    "The effect of atomic structure on interface spin-polarization of half-metallic spin valves: Co2MnSi/Ag epitaxial interfaces,"
    Applied Physics Letters 107, 212404 (2015).
  2. Half-metals A. Hirohata, H. Sukegawa, H. Yanagihara, I. Žutić, T. Seki, S. Mizukami and R. Swaminathan,
    "Roadmap for emerging magnetic materials for spintronic device applications,"
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 51, 0800511 (2015) arXiv.
  3. Spin-currents A. Hirohata (Topic Editor),
    Research topic on "Spin-current generation,"
    Frontiers in Physics 03 (2015).
  4. Half-metals T. F. Alhuwaymel, R. Carpenter, C. N. T. Yu, B. Kuerbanjiang, R. M. Abdullah, V. K. Lazarov, M. El-Gomati and A. Hirohata,
    "Direct band-gap measurement on epitaxial Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 Heusler-alloy films,"
    Journal Applied Physics 117, 17D131 (2015).
  5. Magnetoresistance T. Koyama, A. Obinata, Y. Hibino, A. Hirohata, B. Kuerbanjiang, V. K. Lazarov and D. Chiba,
    "Dependence of Curie temperature on Pt layer thickness in Co/Pt system,"
    Applied Physics Letters 106, 132409 (2015).
  6. Spin-currents R. M. Abdullah, A. J. Vick, B. A. Murphy and A. Hirohata,
    "Optimisation of geometrical ratchets for spin-current amplification,"
    Journal Applied Physics 117, 17C737 (2015).