This is the website for Ben Powell, lecturer in statistics at the University of York. It contains information relating to my research and teaching.


My research mostly involves making inferences for the properties of random processes over time and/or space. These inferences lead to predictions that motivate decisions. What is really interesting, and fulfilling, is to consider how the inference, prediction and decision stages interact - to consider, for example, at which stage we need to invest effort in order to achieve our objectives. Such an objective-oriented approach to statistics is often conveniently formalized as a Bayesian analysis, and so much of my work is couched in the theory and conventions of Bayesian statistics. Please see my GoogleScholar profile for details of previous research projects.


This year I will be leading half of the Statistics and Probability course for second-year undergraduates. This consists of sub-units: Statistical inference II and Linear models. Copies of the notes, slides and homeworks for these courses will be made available on the Maths department's internal moodle webpages as the term progresses.


For more information you can email me at ben.powell@york.ac.uk, or pop round to my office in the Department of Mathematics (please make sure to email in advance though to make sure I'll be there).