Siamak F. Shahandashti

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
 Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group
 Dept. of Computer Science
 University of York, UK

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Selected Publications

[BKPS23] Christopher Battarbee, Delaram Kahrobaei, Ludovic Perret, and Siamak F. Shahandashti. "SPDH-Sign: Towards Efficient, Post-quantum Group-Based Signatures". PQCrypto 2023, LNCS 14154: 113–138, Springer, 2023.
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[TSP23] Dan Turner, Siamak F. Shahandashti, and Helen Petrie. "The Effect of Length on Key Fingerprint Verification Security and Usability". ARES 2023: 23: 1–11.
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[KS21] George Kampanos and Siamak F. Shahandashti. "Accept All: The Landscape of Cookie Banners in Greece and the UK". IFIP SEC 2021, IFIP AICT 625: 213–227, Springer, 2021.
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Selected Academic Service

Program Committee (current):  CCS'24,  (Po)PETS'24,  ESORICS'24,  FC'24,  ICBC'24 (poster co-chair),  SEC@SAC'24,  CODASPY'24,  EICC'24

University Service (current):  Co-Chair, Physical Sciences Ethics Committee,  Member, Information Security Board,  Member, Academic Ethics Compliance Committee

Departmental Service (selected, current):  Lead, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group,  Programme Lead, MSc Cyber Security

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Student Supervision

Current Research Students: Charles Dodd (with  Pooya Farshim), Najla Aldaraani (with  Helen Petrie), Ali Cherry (with  Kostas Barmpis), Ibtihal Alotaibi (with  Helen Petrie)

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Current Module: Cryptography Theory and Practice (  CTAP-H /  CTAP-M )

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Latest news

2024-01-03: I am joining the program committee of ACM CCS 2024. The deadlines are 28 Jan and 14 April 2024. See:  ACM CCS 2024 CfP
2023-11-22: I am joining the program committee of ESORICS 2024. The deadlines are 8 Jan and 19 April 2024. See:  ESORICS 2024 webpage
2023-11-02: In an open letter, we, more that 400 scientists, along with more than 30 NGOs, warn against certain parts of the EU's proposed digital identity reform. See:  Open letter
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 Office: CSE/235 ( map)
 Tel: +44 1904 325413

Postal address

Dept of Computer Science
University of York
York, YO10 5GH
United Kingdom

Previously at

  • Newcastle Uni, UK
  • Victoria Uni, Australia
  • ENS, Paris, France
  • Wollongong Uni, Australia