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David W. Corne, Marco Dorigo, Fred Glover, eds.
New Ideas in Optimization.
McGraw Hill. 1999

The papers are collected into six parts: • Ant Colony Optimization • Differential Evolution • Immune Systems Methods • Memetic Algorithms • Scatter Search and Path Relinking • Emerging Ideas and Extensions


Introduction to "New Ideas in Optimization". 1999
Marco Dorigo, Gianni Di Caro. The Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic. 1999
Thomas Stutzle, Marco Dorigo. ACO Algorithms for the Quadratic Assignment Problem. 1999
Rene Michel, Marti Middendorf. An ACO Algorithm for the Shortest Common Supersequence Problem. 1999
Luca Maria Gambardella, Eric Taillard, Giovanni Agazzi. MACS-VRPTW: A Multiple Ant Colony System for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows. 1999
Kenneth V. Price. An Introduction to Differential Evolution. 1999
Rainer Storn. Designing Digital Filters with Differential Evolution. 1999
Jouni Lampinen, Ivan Zelinka. Mechanical Engineering Design by Differential Evolution. 1999
Ken Chisholm. Co-Evolving Draughts Strategies with Differential Evolution. 1999
Dipankar Dasgupta. Information Processing in the Immune System. 1999
Gary B. Lamont, Robert E. Marmelstein, David A. Van Veldhuizen. A Distributed Architecture for a Self-Adaptive Computer Virus Immune System. 1999
Emma Hart, Peter Ross. The Evolution and Analysis of a Potential Antibody Library for Use in Job Shop Scheduling. 1999
Prabhat Hajela, Jun Sun Yoo. Immune Network Modelling in Design Optimization. 1999
Pablo Moscato. Memetic Algorithms: A Short Introduction. 1999
Diana Holstein, Pablo Moscato. Memetic Algorithms Using Guided Local Search: A Case Study. 1999
Peter Merz, Bernd Freisleben. Fitness Landscapes and Memetic Algorithm Design. 1999
Regina Berretta, Pablo Moscato. The Number Partitioning Problem: An Open Challenge for Evolutionary Computation?. 1999
Pablo E. Coll, Guillermo A. Duran, Pablo Moscato. On Worst-Case and Comparative Analysis as Design Principles for Efficient Recombination Operators: A Graph Coloring Case Study. 1999
Fred Glover. Scatter Search and Path Relinking. 1999
Mohammad M. Amini, Bahram Alidaee, Gary A. Kochenberger. A Scatter Search Approach to Unconstrained Quadratic Binary Programs. 1999
Vicente Campos, Manuel Laguna, Rafael Marti. Scatter Search for the Linear Ordering Problem. 1999
Colin R. Reeves, Takeshi Yamada. Goal-Oriented Path Tracing Methods. 1999
Jan Paredis. Constraint Satisfaction with Coevolution. 1999
Robert G. Reynolds. Cultural Algorithms: Theory and Applications. 1999
James Kennedy, Russell C. Eberhart. The Particle Swarm: Social Adaptation in Information Processing Systems. 1999
Agoston (Gusz) E. Eiben, Jano van Hemert. SAW-ing EAs: Adapting the Fitness Function for Solving Constrained Problems. 1999
Riccardo Poli. Parallel Distributed Genetic Programming. 1999
Rafal Salustowicz, Jurgen Schmidhuber. From Probabilities to Programs with Probabilistic Incremental Program Evolution. 1999