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  07-09 June 2021

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J. Magn. Magn. Mater.   J. Phys. D
Spin   Front. Phys.
Front. Phys.   Sci. Notes

Welcome to Quantum Nanoelectronics

Group Members

The Quantum Nanoelectronics is led by Prof. Atsufumi Hirohata based on spintronics and quantum transport. Our final goal is to fabricate a spintronic device, which has higher recording denisity and faster operation speed than the existing devices. This can be achieved in a combination of approaches; realisation of perfect spin polarisation in a new magnetic material (materials science) and investigation of spin-polarised electron current behaviours (electronics), both of which are based on fundamental physics theories. This research field, spintronics, is therefore, very challenging but very attracting.

Spin Moebius

Latest News

Past updates

16/04/2021     Sci. Rep paper on skyrmion divider published in collaboration with Univ. of Electro-Commun. and Gifu Univ. (press release)

14/04/2021     EPSRC International Network for Spintronics Research Symposium "From Material Development to Novel Energy Efficient Technologies" page launched.

12/04/2021     David gave a poster presentation at online Magnetism.

30/03/2021     Press release in English and Japanese on our STAM paper.

18/03/2021     Atsufumi gave a poster at online APS March Meeting.

17/03/2021     Atsufumi gave a talk at online APS March Meeting.

15-19/03/2021     Atsufumi attended online APS March Meeting.

12/03/2021     JSPS-Net My Research Life released.

02/03/2021     Kick-off meeting of Royal Society-JSPS project held online.

26/02/2021     Atsufumi attended the online reception at the Embassy of Japan in London.

25/02/2021     STAM paper on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic published in collaboration with editoral board members of STAM.

25/02/2021     Atsufumi gave an invited talk at online CRCS Symposium.

24/02/2021     David gave a poster presentation at online CRCS Symposium.

24-25/02/2021     David and Atsufumi attended online CRCS Symposium.

19/02/2021     Awarded Royal Society International Exchanges.

19/02/2021     J. Phys. D paper on magnetic braille published.

16/02/2021     JSPS-Net Member's Voice released.

28/01/2021     Mater. paper on non-destructive imaging published in collaboration with the Univ. of Hyogo, Nagoya Univ. and Univ. of Lorraine.

04/01/2021     Dr David Lloyd joined our group as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate.