Contract & Collaborative Research

Kystis’ academic research-based expertise combines with unique, patented (EP 1549739, JP 4511929, US patent application 10/522,371 allowed, grant pending)  models to give us unparalleled ability to design and interpret your studies most effectively.

Our contract research is focussed on helping our clients understand how their compounds of interest affect urothelial biology in both healthy and diseased states. We have developed and patented the only functionally-differentiated in vitro model of the human bladder lining, which we combine with other in vitro models to help answer questions specific to your compound/disorder of interest.

Our scientists have characterised a sophisticated suite of assays developed specifically to get the best data from Kystis' tissue models and address mechanistic cell biology questions. Kystis employs models of the urothelium in functionally differentiated, regenerative and xenobiotically activated states to address your requirements.

We take pride in the process of model selection and study design. Employing relevant controls in combination with Kystis’ models will give your studies insight not available from any other study method.