About Kystis

  • Kystis offers consultancy in all areas of bladder biology including: drug development, carcinogenesis, cancer, benign diseases, unexplained drug or chemical toxicity, urinary barrier function, innate immunity/inflammation and tissue differentiation.
  • Kystis is based in the Biology Department of the University of York and thrives on its close links with cutting edge research.
  • Kystis performs contract research into urothelial function, disease and chemical mode of action.
  • Unique, patented (EP 1549739, JP 4511929, US patent application 10/522,371 allowed, grant pending) models of human bladder tissue in functionally- differentiated and regenerative phenotypes underpin Kystis' research.
  • Our expertise in histology and our close relationship with Histotech allows thorough assessment of tissue structure and protein expression.
  • A suite of developed assays forms the basis of our contract research and new project-specific tests are constantly in development.
  • We have expertise in transcriptomics, immunochemistry, calcium signalling and signal transduction pathways to help with interpretation.
  • Contact us to discuss how Kystis' technology and expertise can be applied to your project - whether in the field of cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental research or regenerative medicine.