Course Material: PG Dip in High Intensity Psychological Interventions (IAPT)

This website is for students following the PG Dip in High Intensity Psychological Interventions (IAPT) programme in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. It provides Martin Bland's teaching material for the PG Dip in High Intensity Psychological Interventions (IAPT) programme.

For each week, the classroom lecture notes, which are a slightly condensed version of my PowerPoint slides, with a text version. These are both PDF files. There are also some online exercises for further study.

There is also a Question and Answer file. If you email me any question about the course, I will add it to this file, anonymously, with my answer. In this way anyone else who had the same question will see the answer.

I hope that you will attempt the exercises. Research suggests that testing improves learning. Some of these are exercises to develop basic understanding, some are exercises based on research publications to put this understanding into the health research context. If there are any of my answers which you do not understand, assume that it is my fault for being unclear (or even plain wrong!) and ask me about them.

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Questions and Answers

Lecture 1: Data, frequencies, and distributions

Lecture 2: Estimation

Lecture 3: Significance tests

Lecture 4: Comparing means

Lecture 5: Categorical data

Lecture 6: Correlation and regression

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