You Only Look for a Symbol Once: An Object Detector for Symbols and Regions in Documents

YOLO adapted for symbols and regions in map-style data with no meaningful boundaries.

Self-Supervised Relative Pose With Homography Model-Fitting in the Loop

A compact, neural model for representing natural illumination

NeRF for Outdoor Scene Relighting

Learn a neural representation of geometry, albedo and shadows from which we can edit both lighting and viewpoint.

Outdoor inverse rendering from a single image using multiview self-supervision

We learn single image inverse rendering of surface normal, albedo, shadow maps and lighting from unstructured outdoor image …

Structure-from-motion with varying principal point

SfM for image sequences with varying principal point, e.g. from glass plate cameras.

Uncalibrated, Two Source Photo-Polarimetric Stereo

Photo-polarimetric shape estimation, under varying, but unknown, illumination.

Evaluation of structure-from-motion for analysis of small-scale glacier dynamics

We propose a measurement procedure for marine-terminating glaciers using structure-from-motion.

Shape from semantic segmentation via the geometric Renyi divergence

A soft loss function for measuring consistency between projected 3D model and 2D semantic segmentation.

Reconstructing Creative Lego Models

From a physical lego model to a semantic reconstruction in terms of relative brick placements.

Self-supervised Outdoor Scene Relighting

Train a neural renderer to use inverse rendered output for photorealistic relighting without requiring any supervision.

Look Ma, no landmarks! – Unsupervised, Model-based Dense Face Alignment

Estimate pixel-wise correspondence to a 3DMM, solve for all 3DMM parameters with linear least squares, no supervision required!

Least squares surface reconstruction on arbitrary domains

Arbitrary foreground mask -> custom 2D Savitzky-Golay filters using pixel KNN -> surface integration with linear least squares.

A Morphable Face Albedo Model

We capture a dataset of 50 scans, combine them with a publicly available albedo dataset and build the first morphable face albedo …

Towards a complete 3D morphable model of the human head

We present the most complete 3DMM of the human head to date that includes face, cranium, ears, eyes, teeth and tongue.

A Hierarchical Loss for Semantic Segmentation

We exploit knowledge of class hierarchies to aid the training of semantic segmentation convolutional neural networks.

Statistical Modeling of Craniofacial Shape and Texture

We present a fully-automatic statistical 3D shape modeling approach and apply it to a large dataset of 3D images.

Depth estimation meets inverse rendering for single image novel view synthesis

We show how to combine state-of-the-art deep learning based methods for single image depth estimation and inverse rendering.

A Shadow Constrained Conditional Generative Adversarial Net for SRTM Data Restoration

We propose a shadow constrained conditional generative adversarial network for filling voids in incomplete SRTM data.

Height-from-Polarisation with Unknown Lighting or Albedo

We present a method for estimating surface height directly from a single polarisation image simply by solving a large, sparse system of …

Augmenting a 3D morphable model of the human head with high resolution ears

We present a parts-based 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) of the full human head, with particular emphasis on modelling the complex shape of …

Orientation-aware semantic segmentation on icosahedron spheres

We address semantic segmentation on omnidirectional images, to leverage a holistic understanding of the surrounding scene for …

3D Surface Texture Analysis of High Resolution Normal Fields for Facial Skin Condition Assessment

Investigates the use of a lightstage to capture high-resolution, 3D facial surface textures and proposes novel methods to use the data …

Decomposing multispectral face images into diffuse and specular shading and biophysical parameters

We propose a novel biophysical and dichromatic reflectance model that efficiently characterises spectral skin reflectance.

BioFaceNet: Deep Biophysical Face Image Interpretation

We propose a deep CNN that learns to decompose a single face image into biophysical parameters maps, diffuse and specular shading maps …

Filling Voids in Elevation Models Using a Shadow-Constrained Convolutional Neural Network

We explore the use of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for filling voids in digital elevation models (DEM).

What Does 2D Geometric Information Really Tell Us About 3D Face Shape?

We show that uncalibrated, monocular face shape-from-correspondence (e.g. landmarks) with a 3D morphable model is highly ambiguous.

InverseRenderNet: Learning single image inverse rendering

We show how to train a fully convolutional neural network to perform inverse rendering from a single, uncontrolled image.

Depth from a polarisation + RGB stereo pair

We propose a hybrid depth imaging system in which a polarisation camera is augmented by a second image from a standard digital camera.

Combining 3D Morphable Models: A Large scale Face-and-Head Model

We show how to combine two or more 3DMMs that are built using different templates and have different representation capabilities. We …

Principal Geodesic Analysis in the Space of Discrete Shells

We propose a novel, nonlinear, rigid body motion invariant Principal Geodesic Analysis (PGA) that allows us to compress large shape …

Linear Differential Constraints for Photo-polarimetric Height Estimation

We present a differential approach to photopolarimetric shape estimation.

Symmetry-Aware Mesh Segmentation into Uniform Overlapping Patches

We present intrinsic methods to address the fundamental problem of segmenting a mesh into a specified number of patches with a uniform …

BRISKS: Binary Features for Spherical Images on a Geodesic Grid

We develop an interest point detector and binary feature descriptor for spherical images using a geodesic grid representation.

Structure-from-motion in Spherical Video using the von Mises-Fisher Distribution

In this paper we present a complete pipeline for computing structure-from-motion from sequences of spherical images.

Linear depth estimation from an uncalibrated, monocular polarisation image

We present a method for estimating surface height directly from a single polarisation image simply by solving a large, sparse system of …

Modelling the perceptual similarity of facial expressions from image statistics and neural responses

We measured the perceptual similarity between expressions and investigated how this is reflected in image measures and in the neural …

Manifold-based Constraints for Operations in Face Space

We constrain faces to points on a manifold of constant distinctiveness within the parameter space of a linear statistical model.

Height from Photometric Ratio with Model-based Light Source Selection

We present a photometric stereo algorithm for estimating surface height directly.

Statistical 3D Face Shape Estimation from Occluding Contours

We study the problem of 3D face shape approximation from occluding contours using a linear regression process.

Shell PCA: statistical shape modelling in shell space

We describe how to perform Principal Components Analysis in shell space.

Example-Based Modeling of Facial Texture from Deficient Data

Reconstruct ear-to-ear, high-quality texture from one or more partial views of a face with possibly poor resolution and noise.

Inverse rendering of faces with a 3D morphable model

Efficient 3DMM fitting with spherical harmonic lighting and specular reflectance.