The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English, Second Edition

Part-Of-Speech Annotation, Table of Contents

Note: In the documentation, 'POS' stands for 'part of speech'. The terms 'tag' and 'label' are used interchangeably, especially in connection with POS annotation.

Annotation, Main Table of Contents

Annotation, General Introduction

Syntactic Annotation, Brief Table of Contents

Syntactic Annotation, Detailed Table of Contents

Adjectives and adverbs (ADJ, ADV)

Adverbial particles (RP)

Cardinal numbers except ONE (NUM)

Complementizers (C)

Coordinating conjunctions (CONJ)

Determiners (D)

Focus particles (FP)

Foreign words (FW)

Interjections (INTJ)

Negation (NEG)


Prepositions and subordinating conjunctions (P)


Quantifiers (Q)

Special words

ALSO   ·   ELSE   ·   MAN   ·   ONE   ·   OTHER   ·   SUCH   ·   WARD

Splitting and joining parts of words