M.Sc. Course Material: Measurement in Health and Disease

This website is for students following the M.Sc. programme in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. It provides Martin Bland's teaching material for the Measurement in Health and Disease Module.

For each week, the material to be used at the teaching session is provided: the classroom lecture notes, which are a slightly condensed version of my PowerPoint slides, and the classroom exercises. After the date of the lecture, a solution to the exercises will also be posted. These are all PDF files. In addition, a text version of the lecture is provided. There are also some online exercises for further study. These will be added to from time to time.

There is also a Question and Answer file. If you email me any question about the course, I will add it to this file, anonymously, with my answer. In this way anyone else who had the same question will see the answer. I suggest that you check this at least once a week.

The course content for the examination is what is included in the lecture notes. The external links should lead you to other material which should help your understanding, but this material will not be examined.

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Course programme

Questions and Answers

Revision: Measurement in Healthcare Research

Week 1: Measurement error

Week 2: Observer variation

Week 3: Agreement between methods of measurement

Week 4: Agreement Using Cohen's kappa

Week 5: Diagnostic Tests and Reference Intervals

Week 6: Outcome Measures

Lecturer: David Torgerson

Week 7: Scales and scores

(Note change of lecturer. This will now be given by Martin Bland.)

Week 8: Validity



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