Science Fiction book recommendations

I read a lot of Science Fiction , amongst other things . Here is my idiosyncratic recommendations of the SF Books I like. I guarantee that you will like these books if you like the same books that I do! I have rated all these as 1 and 2, with some 3s.

(I also have some summaries of these, and the rest of the SF I read, but it's definitely not all "recommended"!)

'Sf's no good,' they bellow till we're deaf.
'But this looks good.'--- 'Well then, it's not sf.'

Robert Conquest

, Spectrum 2 , 1962

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Books will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no books

-- SF trad. variant on Gilbert Shelton

SF Books, recently read

My Most Recently Read SF Recommendations (although these are not always recently published; I'm adding new books to my unread book pile faster than I'm reading them):

' Classic .' A book which people praise and don't read.

-- Mark Twain

SF is the only literature judged by its worst examples

-- Bob Shaw

[ And The Eye of Argon is surely one of the very worst... ]

SF classics
I have read all of these (but there are some of them that I don't necessarily want to read again ...) They are all rated as 1 or 2.

[Consider Phlebas]

[A Civil Campaign]


[Mindstar Rising]

[To Hold Infinity]

[Red Thunder]

hard SF

[Sewer, Gas, Electric]

(remember -- humour is a very personal taste)

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[The Blue Sword]
Softer SF / Fantasy

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Juvenile and YA

Criticizing Asimov because his characters aren't as good as Jane Austen 's strikes me as being like criticizing Pride and Prejudice because it doesn't have any robots.

-- Pete McCutchen

Books about SF

We're not into science fiction because it's good literature , we're into it because it's weird .

Bruce Sterling

others' SF reviews