Fluid dynamics

This was a taught in the 4th year of undergraduate physics. It covers the analytic theory of fluids, including ideal flows around cylinders and wings, boundary layers, the basics of rocket engines, explosions and shocks, and supersonic flight.

I didn't teach the first six lectures, but the part of the course which I taught is quite self-contained. Some of these lecture notes actually took two lectures to get through; I was too optimistic about what could be covered in a 50 minute lecture.

  • Lecture 7 - Introduces vorticity and irrotational flow
  • Lecture 8 - Irrotational flow around a cylinder and the Kutta-Joukowski lift formula
  • Lecture 9 - Thin aerofoil theory, and flow around a corner
  • Lecture 10 - Kelvin's circulation theorem, and aerofoils in 3D
  • Lecture 11 - Boundary layers and the Momentum Integral Method
  • Lecture 12 - Boundary layer separation, and the drag crisis
  • Lecture 13 - Compressible flow and rocket engines
  • Lecture 14 - Shock waves
  • Lecture 15 - Transonic and supersonic flight
  • Lecture 16 - Blast waves

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