M.Sc. Course Material: Applied Biostatistics

This website is for students following the M.Sc. programme in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. It provides Martin Bland's teaching material for the Applied Biostatistics Module. I shall be teaching the first part of the module, until Mona Kanaan is able to return to the office. I shall be using my own lectures, which are given here. There are also some extra exercises which you can use to help you to study.

For each week, the material used at the teaching session is provided: the classroom lecture notes, which are a slightly condensed version of my PowerPoint slides, the classroom exercises, and suggested answers to the exercises. These are all PDF files. In addition, a text version of the lecture is provided in a printable PDF version. There are also some online exercises for further study.

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Course programme

Week 2: Frequency and frequency distributions

Week 3: Mean, standard deviation, and the Normal distribution

Week 4: Standard error and confidence intervals

Week 5: Significance tests

Week 6: Comparing groups continuous data, using paired and two sample t tests

Week 7: Comparing groups categorical data, using chi-squared tests

Week 8: Relative risk and odds ratio

Week 9: Correlation and regression

Week 10: Multiple and logistic regression

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