Paragon2: Eastercon 2005

[Souvenir Book]

The 56th British Easter Science Fiction Convention
25--28 March 2005, Hinckley Island Hotel

GoHs: Ben Jeapes, Robert Rankin, Richard K. Morgan , Ken MacLeod .

The third Eastercon in the bizarre, but friendly, Hinckley Island Hotel (same hotel as 2001 and 2003 , only the name has changed). The facilities were again excellent: good function room space, friendly staff, and continuous food: the lunch and dinner menus were this time more varied, and the queuing to pay problems had been solved. Continuous process improvement!

Several items were themed around the Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse. The Sofa recounted ordering the prizes: "I went to Thornton's and said that I wanted ' x bunnies, this many with War, Death, Plague, Famine", and they just said 'fine, you can pick them up tomorrow'"

Programme highlights

David A. Hardy -- SFX in Space

Dave presented a DVD show which is essentially a scene-by-scene comparison of the eerily prescient 1950 film Destination Moon and the real Apollo 11 moonlanding, plus some other, rather less prescient, space flight films.


Panel -- Not the Clarke Awards

A discussion of this year's Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist

[ Iron Council subsequently won the Clarke Award]


Panel -- Unrealised weapons of WWII

Robert Sneddon, Simon Bradshaw, John Richards


Panel -- Fu Manchu and Mr Big : Xenophobia and Bad Guys

Marcus Rowland, Jessica Rydill, John Richards

Dave Lalley -- Miscellaneous 2

M2 tape -- a 2 hour compilation of ads, etc -- which we watched for the brilliant Doctor Who clips set to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart (which is near the end). [2008: There are now several "next gen" YouTube variants available: good, but not as good as this original!] Also contains:

[Ben Jeapes]

Ben Jeapes -- GoH Desert Island Discs

[Armand Leroi]

Armand Leroi -- George Hay Memorial Lecture

Human Mutants

Robert Rankine -- GoH

[Robert Rankine triptych]

An hilariously scurrilous talk, accompanied by a chavification transformation

World Premiere Audience Participation Richard III


A David Wake Production -- including a cast of thousands (if you count the audience, several times) -- and a bemused Jasper Fforde -- in the hotel Rotunda (see Souvenir Book cover photo -- an appropriately hi tech metal and glass Globe Theatre)

Filk concert

James Steel and David Wake -- To Live and Die in Costume


Panel -- Altered People : SF and the Divided Self

Caroline Mullan, Julian Headlong

[missed the first half]

Panel -- Dan Dare and the BSEF

???, Simon Bradshaw

[Richard Morgan]

Richard Morgan -- GoH


Panel -- The Hero as Villain

Ian Watson, Richard Morgan, Juliet McKenna, Geoff Ryman



Panel -- Drummond, Templar et al: the Clubland Heroes

Marcus Rowland, John Richards


Panel -- Death of the Hero

Ken MacLeod, John Richards, Richard Morgan