Research Publications

Here is a list of our refereed research publications for regular journal submissions and conference proceedings. Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of the original journal articles are also available for personal use only where permitted by the relevant journal.


Lifetime evolution of meron and antimeron topological spin textures in the two-dimensional magnet CrCl3

Mathias Augustin, Sarah Jenkins, Richard F L Evans, Kostya S Novoselov and Elton J G Santos

[Submitted] (2020)


Model of damping and anisotropy at elevated temperatures: application to granular FePt films

Mara Strungaru, Sergiu Ruta, Richard F L Evans and Roy W Chantrell

[Submitted] (2020)


Temperature scaling of exchange anisotropy in pure and mixed anisotropy systems

Richard F L Evans, Levente Rósza, Sarah Jenkins, and Unai Atxitia

[Submitted] (2020)


Spin transfer torque switching dynamics in CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions

Andrea Meo, Sutee Sampanapai, Pieter B Visscher, Roman Chepulskyy, Dmytro Apalkov, Jessada Chureemart, Phanwadee Chureemart, Roy W Chantrell, and Richard F L Evans

[Submitted] (2019)


Role of anti-phase boundaries in the formation of magnetic domains in magnetite thin films

Roberto Moreno, Sarah Jenkins, Vlado K Lazarov, and Richard F L Evans

[Submitted] (2019)


Atomistic investigation of the temperature and size dependence of the energy barrier of CoFeB/MgO nanodots

Andrea Meo, Roman Chepulskyy, Dmytro Apalkov, Roy W Chantrell, and Richard F L Evans

[Submitted] (2019)


Defect-Correlated Skyrmions and Controllable Generation in Perpendicularly Magnetized CoFeB Ultrathin Films

Haihong Yin, Xiangyu Zheng, Junlin Wang, Yu Zhou, Balati Kuerbanjiang, Guanqi Li, Xianyang Lu, Yichuan Wang, Jing Wu, Vlado K Lazarov, Richard F L Evans, Roy W Chantrell, Jianwang Cai, Hao Meng and Yongbing Xu

[Submitted] (2019)


Higher-order exchange interactions in two-dimensional magnets

Alexey Kartsev, Mathias Augustin, Richard F L Evans, and Elton J G Santos

[Submitted] (2019)


Atomistic simulations of α-Fe / Nd2Fe14B magnetic core/shell nanocomposites with enhanced energy product for high temperature permanent magnet applications

Sam C Westmoreland, Connor Skelland, Tetsuya Shoji, Masao Yano, Akira Kato, Masaaki Ito, Gino Hrkac, Thomas Schrefl, Richard F L Evans, and Roy W Chantrell

[Submitted] (2019)


Ultrafast Helicity-Independent All-Optical Switching in Amorphous (Gd,Tb)Co Thin Films

Alejandro Ceballosa, Akshay Pattabia, Amal El-Ghazaly, Sergiu Ruta, Christian P Simon, Richard F L Evans, Thomas Ostler, Roy W Chantrell, Ellis Kennedy, Mary Scott, Jeffrey Bokor, and Frances Hellman

[Submitted] (2019)


Massively parallel atomistic simulation of ultrafast thermal spin dynamics of a permalloy vortex

Daniel Meilak,Sarah Jenkins, Rory Pond and Richard F. L. Evans

[Submitted] (2019)


First principles calculation of the effect of strain on the magnetic anisotropy energy of Y2Fe14B

R. Cuadrado, R. F. L. Evans, T. Shoji, M. Yano, A. Manabe, G. Hrkac, T. Schrefl, and R. W. Chantrell

[Submitted] (2015)


Uncovering the mystery of delocalised pinned interface spins responsible for exchange bias

Sarah Jenkins, Wei Jia Fan, Roxana Gaina, Roy W Chantrell, Timothy Klemmer and Richard F L Evans

[Submitted] (2016)


Two-sublattice micromagnetics for rare earth transition metal magnets

Johann Fischbacher, Alexander Kovacs, Lukas Exl, Noritsugu Sakuma, Masao Yano, Matsaaki Ito, Akira Kato, Tetsuya Shoji, Akira Manabe, Roy Chantrell, Samuel Westmoreland, Richard Evans, Gino Hrkac, Gergely Zimanyi, Michael Winklhofer and Thomas Schrefl



Micromagnetic modelling of the Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording process in high anisotropy FePt granular thin films

Lewis J. Atkinson, Richard F. L. Evans, and Roy W. Chantrell



The quantum non-Heisenberg nature of two-dimensional CrI3 magnets

Mathias Augustin, Samuel Manas Valero, Dina Abdul Wahab, Wenjun Kuang, Sarah Jenkins, I. J. Vera-Marun, Efren Navarro-Moratalla, Eugenio Coronado, Irina V. Grigorieva, Richard F. L. Evans, Kostya S. Novoselov and Elton J. G. Santos

[Submitted] (2019)


Phase boundary exchange coupling in the mixed magnetic phase regime of a Pd-doped FeRh epilayer

J. R. Massey, K. Matsumoto, M. Strungaru, R. C. Temple, T. Higo, K. Kondou, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, Y. Otani, C. H. Marrows

Physical Review Materials 4 024403(2020)


Atomistic study on the pressure dependence of the melting point of NdFe12

C. Skelland, S. C. Westmoreland, T. Ostler, R. F. L. Evans , R. W. Chantrell, M. Yano, T. Shoji, A. Kato, M. Ito, M. Winklhofer, G. Zimanyi , J. Fischbacher, T. Schrefl, and G. Hrkac

AIP Advances 10 025130 (2020)


The role of faceting and elongation on the magnetic anisotropy of magnetite Fe3O4 nanocrystals

Roberto Moreno, Samuel Poyser, Daniel Meilak, Andrea Meo, Sarah Jenkins, Vlado K. Lazarov, Gonzalo Vallejo-Fernandez, Sara Majetich and Richard F. L. Evans

Scientific Reports 10, 2722 (2020)


Magnetoresistance dynamics in superparamagnetic Co-Fe-B nanodots

Brad Parks, Ahmed Abdelgawad,Thomas Wong, Richard F. L. Evans and Sara A. Majetich

Physical Review Applied 13 014063 (2020)


Anisotropic exchange in Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets

Qihua Gong, Min Yi, Richard F L Evans, Bai-Xiang Xu, and Oliver Gutfleisch

Materials Research Letters 8:3 89-96 (2020)


Magnetic stray fields in nanoscale magnetic tunnel junctions

Sarah Jenkins, Andrea Meo, Luke Elliott, Stephan K Piotrowski, Mukund Bapna, Roy W. Chantrell, Sara Majetich and Richard F. L. Evans

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53 044001 (2020)


Magnetic anisotropy of the non-collinear antiferromagnet IrMn3

Sarah Jenkins, Roy W Chantrell, Timothy J Klemmer and Richard F L Evans

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 100 220405(R) (2019)


Enhancement of intrinsic magnetic damping in defect-free epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films

Xianyang Lu, Lewis J. Atkinson, Balati Kuerbanjiang, Bo Liu , Guanqi Li, Yichuan Wang, Junlin Wang, Xuezhong Ruan, Jing Wu, Richard F. L. Evans, Vlado K. Lazarov, Roy W. Chantrell, and Yongbing Xu

Applied Physics Letters 114, 192406 (2019)


The Effect of Interstitial Nitrogen Addition on the Structural Properties of Supercells of NdFe12-xTix

C. Skelland, T. Ostler, S. C. Westmoreland, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, M. Yano, T. Shoji, A. Kato, M. Winklhofer G. Zimanyi, J. Fischbacher, T. Schrefl, G. Hrkac

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 55 6700205 (2019)


Calculating temperature-dependent properties of Nd2Fe14B permanent magnet by atomistic spin model simulations

Qihua Gonga, Min Yia, Richard F. L. Evans, Bai-Xiang Xua, Oliver Gutfleisch

Physical Review B 99, 214409 (2019)


Spin-current-mediated rapid magnon localisation and coalescence after ultrafast optical pumping of ferrimagnetic alloys

E. Iacocca, T-M. Liu, A. H. Reid, Z. Fu, S. Ruta, P. W. Granitzka, E. Jal, S. Bonetti, A. X. Gray, C. E. Graves, R. Kukreja, Z. Chen, D. J. Higley, T. Chase, L. Le Guyader, K. Hirsch, H. Ohldag, W. F. Schlotter, G. L. Dakovski, G. Coslovich, M. C. Hoffmann, S. Carron, A. Tsukamoto, A. Kirilyuk, A. V. Kimel, Th. Rasing, J. Stöhr, R. F. L. Evans, T. Ostler, R. W. Chantrell, M. A. Hoefer, T. J. Silva, H. A. Dürr

Nature Communications 10, 1756 (2019)


Temperature and thickness dependence of statistical fluctuations of the Gilbert damping in CoFeB/MgO bilayers

Sutee Sampan-a-pai, Jessada Chureemart, Roy W. Chantrell, Roman Chepulskyy, Shuxia Wang, Dmytro Apalkov, Richard F. L. Evans and Phanwadee Chureemart

Physical Review Applied 11, 04400 (2019)


Anomalous damping dependence of the switching time in Fe/FePt bilayer recording media

Razvan-V. Ababei, Matthew O. A. Ellis, Richard F. L. Evans and Roy W. Chantrell

Physical Review B 99, 024427 (2019)


Optimal phase space sampling for Monte Carlo simulations of Heisenberg spin systems

J. D. Alzate-Cardona, D. Sabogal-Suarez, R. F. L. Evans, E. Restrepo-Parra

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31 095802 (2019)


Evidence of Magnetostrictive Effects on STT-MRAM Performance by Atomistic and Spin Modeling

K. Sankaran, J. Swerts, R. Carpenter, S. Couet, K. Garello, R. F. L. Evans, S. Rao, W. Kim, S. Kundu, D. Crotti, G. S. Kar and G. Pourtois

2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 4 (2018)


Temperature dependent properties of CoFeB/MgO thin films: experiments versus simulations

H. Sato, P. Chureemart, F. Matsukura, R. W. Chantrell, H. Ohno and R. F. L. Evans

Physical Review B 98, 214428 (2018)


Enhanced finite size and interface mixing effects in Iridium Manganese ultra thin films

Sarah Jenkins and Richard F. L. Evans

Journal of Applied Physics 124, 152105 (2018)


Atomistic Spin Dynamics

Richard F. L. Evans

Handbook of Materials Modeling: Volume 2 Applications: Current and Emerging Materials, Editors: Andreoni, Wanda, Yip, Sidney, Springer (2019)


Probability Distribution of Substituted Titanium in RT12 (R= Nd and Sm; T= Fe and Co) Structures

C. Skelland, T. Ostler, S. C. Westmoreland, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, M. Yano, T. Shoji, A. Manabe, A. Kato, M. Ito, M.  Winklhofer, G. Zimanyi, J. Fischbacher, T. Schrefl, G. Hrkac

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 54 1-5 (2018)


Site-resolved contributions to the magnetic anisotropy energy and complex spin structure of Fe/MgO sandwiches

Ramon Cuadrado, Laszlo Oroszlany, Andras Deak, Thomas A. Ostler, Andrea Meo, Roman V. Chepulskii, Dmytro Apalkov, Richard F. L. Evans, Laszlo Szunyogh, and Roy W. Chantrell

Physical Review Applied 9, 054048 (2018)


The indispensable role of the local mechanism in laser induced demagnetization of Co/Pt multilayers with nanoscale magnetic domains

Wei Zhang, Wei He, Li-Cong Peng, Ying Zhang, Jian-Wang Cai, Xiang-Qun Zhang, Richard F. L. Evans and Zhao-Hua Cheng

Nanotechnology 29 275703 (2018)


Hysteresis features of the transition-metal dichalcogenides VX2 (X=S, Se, and Te)

Erol Vatansever, S Sarikurt and Richard F. L. Evans

Mater. Res. Express 5 046108 (2018)


Multiscale model approaches to the design of advanced permanent magnets

S Westmoreland, R F L Evans, G Hrkac, T Schrefl, G Zimanyi, M Winkelhofer, N. Sakuma, M. Yano, A. Kato, T. Shoji, A. Manabe, M. Ito, and R. W. Chantrell

Scripta Materialia 148 56-62 (2018)


Spin canting in core/shell Fe3O4/MnxFe3-xO4 nanoparticles

Samuel D. Oberdick, Ahmed Abdelgawad, Carlos Moya, Samaneh Mesbahi-Vasey, Demie Kepaptsoglou, Vlado K. Lazarov, Richard F. L. Evans, Daniel Meilak, Elizabeth Skoropata, Johan van Lierop, Ian Hunt-Isaak, Hillary Pan, Yumi Ijiri, Kathryn Krycka, Julie Borchers, Sara A. Majetich

Scientific Reports 8 3425 (2018)


Half-metallic ferromagnetism in double perovskite Ca2CoMoO6 compound: DFT+U calculations

A Djefal, Sihem Amari, K O Obodo, L Beldi, H Bendaoud, Richard F L Evans, B Bouhafs

SPIN 07, 1750009 (2017)


Thermally nucleated magnetic reversal in CoFeB/MgO nanodots

A. Meo, P. Chureemart, S. Wang, R. Chepulskyy, D. Apalkov, R. W. Chantrell and R. F. L. Evans

Scientific Reports 7, 16729 (2017)


Atomistic model of a hybrid design for advanced magnetic recording media: The combination of exchange coupled composite media and coupled granular continuous media

P. Chureemart, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, Pin-Wei Huang, Kangkang Wang, Ganping Ju, and J. Chureemart

Physical Review Applied 8, 024016 (2017)


Origin of reduced magnetization moment in magnetite nanoparticles

Zlatko Nedelkoski, Leonardo Lari, Tianlong Wen, Ryan A. Booth, Samuel D. Oberdick, Daniel Gilks, Despoina-Maria Kepaptsoglou, Quentin Ramasse, Richard F. L. Evans, Sara Majetich and Vlado K. Lazarov

Scientific Reports 7, 45997 (2017)


Manifestation of higher-order inter-granular exchange in magnetic recording media

M. O. A. Ellis, R. V. Ababei, R. Wood, R. F. L. Evans and R. W. Chantrell

Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 082405 (2017)


The antiphase boundary in half-metallic Heusler alloy Co2Fe(Al,Si): atomic structure, spin polarization reversal and domain wall effects

Zlatko Nedelkoski, Ana M. Sanchez, Arsham Ghasemi, Kohei Hamaya, Richard F. L. Evans, Gavin R. Bell, Atsufumi Hirohata and Vlado K. Lazarov

Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 222405 (2016)


Antiferromagnets see the rainbow

R. F. L. Evans

Nature Photonics (News and Views) 10, 622–623 (2016)


Temperature-dependent exchange stiffness and domain wall width in Co

R. Moreno, R. F. L. Evans, S. Khmelevskyi, M. C. Munoz, R. W. Chantrell, and O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Physical Review B 94, 104433 (2016)


Newtype single-layer magnetic semiconductor in transition-metal dichalcogenides VX2 (X= S, Se and Te)

Huei-Ru Fuh, Ching-Ray Chang, Yin-Kuo Wang, Richard F L Evans, Roy W Chantrell and Horng-Tay Jeng

Scientific Reports 6, 32625 (2016)


First principles study of the Fe|MgO(001) interface: magnetic anisotropy

Thomas Bose, Ramon Cuadrado, Richard F L Evans, Roman V Chepulskii, Dmytro Apalkov and Roy W Chantrell

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 156003 (2016)


Atomic and electronic structure of twin growth defects in magnetite

Daniel Gilks, Zlatko Nedelkoski, Leonardo Lari, Kosuke Matsuzaki, Tomofumi Susaki, Demie Kepaptsoglou, Quentin Ramasse, Richard F. L. Evans, Keith McKenna, and Vlado K. Lazarov

Scientific Reports 6, 20943 (2016)


Magnetic Switching in BPM, TEAMR, and Modified TEAMR by Using Dielectric Underlayer Media

Suttipan Aksornniem, Richard F. L. Evans, Roy W. Chantrell and Rardchawadee Silapunt

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 52, 3200405 (2016)


Engineering ultrafast magnetism

I. Radu, C. Stamm, A. Eschenlohr, F. Radu, R. Abrudan, K. Vahaplar, T. Kachel, N. Pontius, R. Mitzner, K. Holldack, A. Föhlisch, R. F L Evans, T. A. Ostler, J. Mentink, R. W. Chantrell, A. Tsukamoto, A. Itoh, A. Kirilyuk, A. V. Kimel, T. H. Rasing

Ultrafast Magnetism I, Springer Proceedings in Physics 159 297-299 (2015)


Multiscale modeling of ultrafast magnetization dynamics

T. A. Ostler, J. Barker, R. F. L. Evans, U. Atxitia, R. W. Chantrell, O. Hovorka, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Ultrafast Magnetism I, Springer Proceedings in Physics 159 146-149 (2015)


The Landau–Lifshitz equation in atomistic models

M. O. A. Ellis, R. F. L. Evans, T. A. Ostler, J. Barker, U. Atxitia, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko and R. W. Chantrell

Low Temp. Phys. 41, 705 (2015)


Influence of uniaxial anisotropy on domain wall motion driven by spin torque

P. Chureemart, R. F. L. Evans, I. D’Amico and R. W. Chantrell

Phys. Rev. B 92, 054434 (2015)


Magnetotransport in metal/insulating-ferromagnet heterostructures: Spin Hall magnetoresistance or magnetic proximity effect

Xiang Zhou, Li Ma, Zhong Shi, Wei-Jia Fan, Jian-Guo Zheng, R. F. L. Evans, Shi-Ming Zhou

Physical Review B 92, 060402(R) (2015)


Study of perpendicular anisotropy L10-FePt pseudo spin valves using a micromagnetic trilayer model

P. Ho, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, G. C. Han, G. M. Chow, and J. S. Chen

J. Appl. Phys. 117, 213901 (2015)


Quantitative simulation of temperature-dependent magnetization dynamics and equilibrium properties of elemental ferromagnets

R. F. L. Evans, U. Atxitia and R. W. Chantrell

Physical Review B 91, 144425 (2015)


A STEM study of twin defects in Fe3O4(111)/YZO(111)

D. Gilks, L. Lari, K. Matsuzaki, R. Evans, K. McKenna, T. Susaki and V. K. Lazarov

J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 522 012036 (2014)


High energy product in Battenberg structured magnets

S. Bance, H. Oezelt, T. Schrefl, M. Winklhofer, G. Hrkac, G. Zimanyi, O. Gutfleisch, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, T. Shoji, M. Yano, N. Sakuma, A. Kato, and A. Manabe

Applied Physics Letters 105, 192401 (2014)


Mapping motion of antiferromagnetic interfacial uncompensated magnetic moment in exchange-biased bilayers

X. Zhou, L. Ma, Z. Shi, W. J. Fan, R. F. L. Evans, Jian-Guo Zheng, R. W. Chantrell, S. Mangin, H. W. Zhang and S. M. Zhou

Scientific Reports 5 9183 (2015)


Atomistic modeling of magnetization reversal modes in L10 FePt nanodots with magnetically soft edges

Jung-Wei Liao, Unai Atxitia, Richard F. L. Evans, Roy W. Chantrell and Chih-Huang Lai

Phys. Rev. B 90, 174415 (2014)


Atomistic calculation of the thickness and temperature dependence of exchange coupling through a dilute magnetic oxide

R. F. L. Evans, Q. Coopman, S. Devos, W. J. Fan, O. Hovorka and R. W. Chantrell

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47, 502001 (2014)


Ultrafast thermally induced magnetic switching in synthetic ferrimagnets

R. F. L. Evans, T. A. Ostler, R. W. Chantrell, I. Radu and Th. Rasing

Applied Physics Letters 104, 082410 (2014)


Atomistic spin model simulations of magnetic nanomaterials

R. F. L. Evans, W. J. Fan, P. Chureemart, T. A. Ostler, M. O. A. Ellis and R. W. Chantrell

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 26, 103202 (2014)


Surface and interface effects in magnetic core–shell nanoparticless

R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, and O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

MRS Bulletin 38, November, 909 (2013)


Effect of stacking faults on the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of hcp Co: a first-principles study

C. J. Aas, L. Szunyogh, R. F. L. Evans, and R. W. Chantrell

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25, 296006 (2013)


Ultrafast dynamical path for the switching of a ferrimagnet after femtosecond heating

U. Atxitia, T. Ostler, J. Barker, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, and O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Phys. Rev. B 87, 224417 (2013)


The Curie temperature distribution of FePt in granular magnetic recording media

O. Hovorka, S. Devos, Q. Coopman, W. J. Fan, C. J. Aas, R. F. L. Evans, Xi Chen, G. Ju, and R. W. Chantrell

Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 052406 (2012)


Ultrafast and Distinct Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Alloys

I. Radu, C. Stamm, A. Eschenlohr, F. Radu, R. Abrudan, K. Vahaplar, T. Kachel, N. Pontius, R. Mitzner, K. Holldack, A. Föhlisch, T. A. Ostler, J. H. Mentink, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, A. Tsukamoto, A. Itoh, A. Kirilyuk, A. V. Kimel, Th. Rasing

SPIN 5, 1550004 (2015)


Ultrafast heating as a sufficient stimulus for magnetization reversal in a ferrimagnet

T.A. Ostler, J. Barker, R.F.L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, U. Atxitia, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, S. El Moussaoui, L. Le Guyader, E. Mengotti, L.J. Heyderman, F. Nolting, A. Tsukamoto, A. Itoh, D. Afanasiev, B.A. Ivanov, A.M. Kalashnikova, K. Vahaplar, J. Mentink, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing and A.V. Kimel

Nature Communications 3, 666 (2012)


Thermally induced error: density limit for magnetic data storage

R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, U. Nowak, A. Lyberatos and H. J. Richter

Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 102402 (2012)


The thermodynamic limits of magnetic recording

H.J. Richter, A. Lyberatos, U. Nowak, R. F. L. Evans and R.W. Chantrell

J. Appl. Phys. 111, 033909 (2012)


Stochastic form of the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation

R. F. L. Evans, D. Hinzke, U. Atxitia, U. Nowak, R. W. Chantrell and O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Phys. Rev. B 85, 014433 (2012)


Magnetic orientation in an advanced recording media

J. Chureemart, P. Chureemart, R. Evans, R. W. Chantrell and K. O'Grady

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 44, 455002 (2011)


Micromagnetic Modelling of L10-FePt/Ag/L10-FePt Pseudo Spin Valves

P. Ho, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, G. C. Han, G. M. Chow, and J. S. Chen

Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 162503 (2011)


Influence of interfacial roughness on exchange bias in core-shell nanoparticles

R. F. L. Evans, D. Bate, R. Yanes, R. W. Chantrell and O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Phys. Rev. B 84, 092404 (2011)


Dynamics of domain wall driven by spin-transfer torque

P. Chureemart, R. F. L. Evans and R. W. Chantrell

Phys. Rev. B 83, 184416 (2011)


Perpendicular anisotropy L10-FePt based pseudo spin valve with Ag spacer layer

P. Ho, G. C. Han, R. W. Chantrell, R. F. L. Evans, G. M. Chow and J. S. Chen

Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 132501 (2011)


Transient ferromagnetic-like state mediating ultrafast reversal of antiferro magnetically coupled spins

I. Radu, K. Vahaplar, C. Stamm, T. Kachel, N. Pontius, H. A. Dürr, T. A. Ostler, J. Barker, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, A. Tsukamoto, A. Itoh, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing and A. V. Kimel

Nature 472, 205-208 (2011)


Atomistic Modelling of the Interlayer Coupling Behaviour in perpendicularly magnetized L10-FePt/Ag/L10-FePt Pseudo Spin Valves

P. Ho, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, G. C. Han, G. M. Chow and J. S. Chen

IEEE Trans. Mag. 47, 2646 (2011)


Study of Crystallographically Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Alloys: Comparing a Localized Atomistic Spin Model with Experiments

T. A. Ostler, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, U. Atxitia, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, I. Radu, R. Abrudan, F. Radu, A. Tsukamoto, A. Itoh, A. Kirilyuk, T. Rasing, and A. Kimel

Phys. Rev. B 84, 024407 (2011)


Control of the exchange coupling in granular CoPt/Co recording media

W. J. Fan, R. F. L. Evans, Y. Hancock, and R. W. Chantrell

J. Appl. Phys. 109, 07B752 (2011)


Validation of Delta H(M, Delta M)-technique for identification of switching field distributions in the presence of thermal relaxation

O. Hovorka, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, Y. Liu, K. A. Dahmen, and A. Berger

J. Appl. Phys. 108, 123901 (2010)


Temperature dependence of the effective anisotropies in magnetic nanoparticles with Néel surface anisotropy

R. Yanes, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, R. F. L. Evans and R. W. Chantrell

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 43, 474009 (2010)


Energy losses in interacting fine-particle magnetic composites

F. Burrows, C. Parker, R. F. L. Evans, Y. Hancock, O. Hovorka and R. W. Chantrell

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 43, 474010 (2010)


Atomistic spin model simulation of magnetic reversal modes near the Curie point

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